About me


Professionalism and Experience

 I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who utilizes a client-centered approach, meaning I want to know your history, feelings and emotions, while fostering strategies for self-realization. In this way counseling becomes an assisting process, rather than dependency association. I strive for the client to find their own way, but at the same time I recognize when direction, guidance, and information are needed. The therapeutic relationship that I develop with the client is our foundation from which to build. 

My counseling environment is safe, non-judgmental, confidential, and in a private setting. During a counseling session there is:

  • Self-expression
  • Exploration, reflection, and clarification of feelings
  • Better understandings of self and others
  • The realization of options and consideration of all choices
  • Helping to create and make changes for a better life

 My style of counseling is empathetic, sensitive, and etiology (cause) oriented.I assist the client in looking at the root of disturbance in a

non-threatening manner. 

 I stress mindfulness so that self-determination is a reality. Counseling may be a temporary modality to get one’s life back “on track” or it can be a more continuous process depending on the problem (s) faced and the positive responses desired and accomplished.

Life change comes with coping skills and expectations of a life in balance with self, interpersonal relationships, environment, and personal/professional/vocational assets.

I understand that it is necessary to work with a client in the “here and now” mode, focusing on the past when significant and productive, and using the present to build a stable future.

I guide the client to access their own natural and instinctive self-healing abilities.Clients need to be directed toward their strengths and capabilities. A “heal thyself” approach is the most long lasting for success.I encourage the client to build confidence, courage, and insight.

I use a combination of teaching, because of what I know professionally, admixed with the power of self-discovery.

The theories and strategies utilized in my practice are centered upon the client’s unique psychological/emotional make-up.Counseling is scientifically grounded, and in motion, depending on the client’s individual needs and responses to therapy.